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Diada, The National Day of Catalonia: an Interview with Alícia Hernàndez Grande

In this special edition of Sobremesa, I interview researcher and Phd candidate Alícia Hernàndez Grande.

Here she explains the history behind the independence movement, and Diada, the national day of Catalonia. She also shares her observations from the 2017 referendum and where the Catalan identity comes from.

The National Spanish Identity: an Interview with Professor Sandie Holguin

In this episode I interview cultural and intellectual historian Professor Sandie Holguin, where we talk about the historical construction of the national Spanish identity. She is also the author of Flamenco Nation: The Construction of the Spanish National Identity. You can get a copy of the book here or on Amazon. At the beginning ofContinue reading “The National Spanish Identity: an Interview with Professor Sandie Holguin”

Where is Juan Carlos?

Where is Juan Carlos? This is the question on everybody’s lips. In this episode I talk to Spanish Historian Tom Wardle about Juan Carlos the first and his role in the Spanish Transition. I also look at some previous referendums that have been held in Spain, and what the current state of affairs might meanContinue reading “Where is Juan Carlos?”

Covid, the King and I

No Confidence motions, jealous partners and a naughty King.

Welcome to Sobremesa!

Covid Comeback

Cases are up but so is testing, and each region is doing its own thing with track and trace, some better than others. Taking a look at the whole picture is worth it to get an idea of where the country stands, but treating it as one big problem is probably not the answer. What do you think the government will do next?

The EU Flashes the Cash

In this episode I look at how the historic deal came to be and how it might affect the politics in Spain. I also talk about the junior doctors strike and Fernando Simon going surfing? #Sobremesa

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