Idea-ology: A Critical Analysis of The West

Vast inequalities and injustices have been the hallmark of society for centuries, but at no time in the modern era has that been clearer than now.

Idea-ology: A Critical Analysis of the West aims to help you understand how ideology works in the world and explores the reasons we can’t fathom a world past capitalism.

This topical book is based on political and philosophical theory moulded together by writer, political critic, and activist Alan McGuire. Here he discusses the theories of influential thinkers like Slavoj Zizek, Louis Althusser, Jacques Lacan, Karl Marx, and Antonio Gramsci.

Readers are invited to delve into an often-weighty topic, filled with complex ideas, but with terminology, concepts, and examples that apply to their lives, and they’re place in the world. Covid-19 exposed the inequalities that exist in society. This timely and comprehensive book sheds light on how and why.

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