#4M Madrid Elections 2021 with Caroline Gray and Eoghan Gilmartin

With the communidad elections less than a week away Caroline Gray and Eoghan Gilmartin both join me to discuss the political earthquake that led to the elections and why this election is about more than just the capital. Eoghan Gilmartin is a political journalist covering Spanish politics. He is a regular contributor to Jacobin MagazineContinue reading “#4M Madrid Elections 2021 with Caroline Gray and Eoghan Gilmartin”

Cultural Marxism, Covid-19 and a Broken Ideology

On the 17th December, Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for International Trade, who is also minister for Women and Equality, gave a speech announcing the government’s new approach toward equality. As part of this announcement, the Secretary claimed that recent governments had concentrated on ‘empty gestures’ such as anti-racism and gender equality whilst ignoringContinue reading “Cultural Marxism, Covid-19 and a Broken Ideology”

A New Image of Spain?: a Podcast Crossover with Paul Burge from When in Spain

CROSSOVER TIME!! The Sobremesa Podcast has teamed up with the When in Spain podcast. Paul Burge has been running his podcast for the last 2 years and covers a whole range of things related to Spain. From pueblos to Hemmingway, it is all in there. Here I interviewed Paul about tourism and the image ofContinue reading “A New Image of Spain?: a Podcast Crossover with Paul Burge from When in Spain”

Pandemic Politics: an Interview with Eoghan Gilmartin

This week Eoghan Gilmartin joins me. As a political journalist based in Madrid, he has been covering the stories as they have unfolded. Here we talk about the more immediate stories of the day, such as the management of the virus in Madrid and the future for Spanish politics. Later, we then explore how thisContinue reading “Pandemic Politics: an Interview with Eoghan Gilmartin”

Who is Fernando Simón?

This week, I put out a tweet asking if would people be interested in this sort podcast? And someone said yes, but just don’t make another podcast. So, what I’d like people to do is tweet on the hashtag #SOBREMESA and then I will read out the tweets next week. I think someone that hasn’tContinue reading “Who is Fernando Simón?”

Back to work Spain (well for very (very)few)

As some Spaniards returned to work today, (a select few) construction workers, along with factory, communication and sanitary workers, many will be questioning why yesterday they weren’t allowed to walk outside alone, but today they can sit on public transport. Although, they may also be wondering where they can get the masks from… The policeContinue reading “Back to work Spain (well for very (very)few)”