The Rise of Vox and Spanish Nationalism

Spaniards in the British Army with Sean Scullion The Sobremesa Podcast

Following the retreat of republican forces at the end of the Spanish Civil War, many people become refugees in France and North Africa. Whilst some would later return, many men of fighting age who had been in the Republican army could not. This is their story from how they ended up in refugee camps in the south of France to being members of the British army including members of the SAS.  Sean Scullion is currently writing a book on this topic. He also gives battle field tours and speaks on the subject at public events. 
  1. Spaniards in the British Army with Sean Scullion
  2. Spain's Democratic Memory Law Finally Approved!
  3. Exhuming Violent Histories: How to Tell the Story of Spain's Mass Graves
  4. The Making of Lavapies with Felicity Hughes
  5. Massacre in Melilla

Here is the second part of my interview with Vicente Rubio-Pueyo.

Here we talk the rise in very visible raising of Spanish nationalism and how this also went alongside the rise of far right party Vox.

To read Vicente’s report check out the link below:

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