The History of Anarchism in Spain with Danny and Jim from the ABC Podcast

Episode 44: The Symbolic State with Karlo Basta The Sobremesa Podcast

Welcome back to the Sobremesa Podcast in 2022!Karlo Basta is a politics lecturer at Edinburgh University and his book the Symbolic State is out now. Here we discuss multi nation states and the four examples he has analysed in his book of course with an emphasis on Spain and Catalonia. Hope you enjoy it and Feliz Año a todos!
  1. Episode 44: The Symbolic State with Karlo Basta
  2. Episode 43: Why doesn't Spain have a Green Party with Xan Lopez from Contra el Diluvio
  3. Episode 42: Riders Law with Ben Wray from Brave New Europe’s Gig Economy Project
  4. Episode 41: Exhuming Franco with Sebastiaan Faber
  5. Episode 40: The Future of Unidas Podemos

In this two-part episode, I spoke with Danny and Jim from the Anarchist Book Club Podcast.

We go all the way from the meaning of anarchism and its founding in Spain to its current state today.

I learnt loads talking with both the guys. Please make sure you take a listen to their podcast, The Anarchist Book Club, and if you want to know more you can buy their books.

The Sobremesa Podcast is all about modern day Spanish politics, culture and society.

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