Spain’s new budget with EOGHAN GILMARTIN and TOMMY GREENE

Episode 40: The Future of Unidas Podemos The Sobremesa Podcast

Sorry this episode is a bit late but I have covid!Recorded two weeks ago, Nerea Fernández Cordero, Co-coordinadora at IU Exterior (Izquierda Unida), and political journalist  Eoghan Gilmartin join me to discuss the coalition party called Unidas Podemos. We talk about how it came to be and where it goes from here that their founding leader has left politics, and now that they are part of the first left wing coalition since the second republic. 
  1. Episode 40: The Future of Unidas Podemos
  2. Episode 39: Catalan Political Prisoners Get a Pardon With Andrew Dowling
  3. Episode 38: Nazi Germany and Spain with Dr Mercedes Peñalba-Sotorrío

“Spain’s Left Is Winning the Battle for Welfare — But Not the War on Neoliberalism”

This is the name of Eoghan and Tommy’s new article available at

Here we discuss their take on Spain’s first budget since Rajoy. We discuss where Podemos is making gains and where the PSOE and EU are too.

I hope you find this interesting take on the budget helpful. Please head on over and read their article for the full story.

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