Spain’s new budget with EOGHAN GILMARTIN and TOMMY GREENE

Episode 26: Territorial politics in Spain with Caroline Gray The Sobremesa Podcast

In this episode of the Sobremesa podcast I interview Caroline Gray. Here we talk about territorial politics of both the left and right in Spain since the financial crisis. Caroline Gray is Lecturer in Politics and Spanish. She specialises in the politics of Spain and wider Europe, focusing on territorial politics and party systems. She is the author of Territorial Politics and the Party System in Spain: Continuity and Change since the Financial Crisis (Routledge, 2020).
  1. Episode 26: Territorial politics in Spain with Caroline Gray
  2. Episode 25: 15-M, 10 Years On: In conversation with Cristina Flesher Fominaya on her recent book Democracy Reloaded: Inside Spain’s Political Laboratory from 15-M to Podemos
  3. Episode 24: Brexit Special: One Leaver, One Remainer. Both Live in Spain

“Spain’s Left Is Winning the Battle for Welfare — But Not the War on Neoliberalism”

This is the name of Eoghan and Tommy’s new article available at

Here we discuss their take on Spain’s first budget since Rajoy. We discuss where Podemos is making gains and where the PSOE and EU are too.

I hope you find this interesting take on the budget helpful. Please head on over and read their article for the full story.

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