Doctor, Doctor give me some news… 19/10/2020

Episode 38: Nazi Germany and Spain with Dr Mercedes Peñalba-Sotorrío The Sobremesa Podcast

Dr Mercedes Peñalba-Sotorrío, a lecturer and researcher from Manchester Metropolitan University, joins me to discuss the relationship between Nazi Germany and Spain before, during and after WW2. Her research involves looking at how Nazi propaganda inside Spain which influenced the country's foreign and domestic policy during the time. We also discuss the concept of neutral countries and how the relationship with Germany changed as the war advanced.
  1. Episode 38: Nazi Germany and Spain with Dr Mercedes Peñalba-Sotorrío
  2. Episode 37: #4M Madrid Elections 2021 with Caroline Gray and Eoghan Gilmartin
  3. Episode 36: European Super League with Tommy Hay
  4. Episode 35: The Treatment of Sexual Minorities in the Late-Francoist Period with Sonia Cuesta Maniar
  5. Episode 34: Gender Violence with Dr Deborah Madden

In this episode of the Sobremesa Podcast, I talk to an old friend about an ongoing problem.

Doctors in Spain are threatening to strike from the 28th of October over a new law passed by the government. This law is to help increase the number of staff.

So, what is the problem? Find out here

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