Doctor, Doctor give me some news… 19/10/2020

Doctor, Doctor give me some news… 19/10/2020

Massacre in Melilla The Sobremesa Podcast

In this week's episode we talk about the brutal killing of 37 migrant people at the hands of Moroccan security services along the border of the Spanish enclave of Melilla, as well as discussing the fallout from the results of the Andalusian elections.
  1. Massacre in Melilla
  2. Andalusian Elections and Spain's Right-Turn
  3. The Spanish Government's Historic Feminist Agenda
  4. The Other Special Relationship: Aznar & Blair and the Iraq War with Nathen Jones
  5. Barcelona and the Spanish Civil War

In this episode of the Sobremesa Podcast, I talk to an old friend about an ongoing problem.

Doctors in Spain are threatening to strike from the 28th of October over a new law passed by the government. This law is to help increase the number of staff.

So, what is the problem? Find out here

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