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Episode 41: Exhuming Franco with Sebastiaan Faber The Sobremesa Podcast

  1. Episode 41: Exhuming Franco with Sebastiaan Faber
  2. Episode 40: The Future of Unidas Podemos
  3. Episode 39: Catalan Political Prisoners Get a Pardon With Andrew Dowling
  4. Episode 38: Nazi Germany and Spain with Dr Mercedes Peñalba-Sotorrío
  5. Episode 37: #4M Madrid Elections 2021 with Caroline Gray and Eoghan Gilmartin

This week saw the end of the political jousting between the central government and the Madrid regional government. This reached a climax on Friday with Madrid being under a state of alarm.

Further court developments this week threaten to eat away at the coalition government’s sense of legitimacy. This forms part of a larger ongoing investigation that has seen the presentation of the deputy PM go from being an aggrieved or injured party to one in which he may now figure as an accused party, following on from the judge’s request to open an inquiry into Pablo Iglesias’ role within the complex case.

Tommy Greene, a political journalist, joins me to discuss the case further.

You can read Tommy and Egohan Gilmartin’s article about the Villajero case here and their interview with Government minister Alberto Garzòn here.

Egohan Gilmartin has also been on the podcast discussing the politics of the pandemic. Pandemic Politics: an Interview with Eoghan Gilmartin

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