Pandemic Politics: an Interview with Eoghan Gilmartin

Spain's Budget 2023: A Social Democratic Response to the Cost of Living Crisis? The Sobremesa Podcast

This week Spain's progressive coalition unveiled its budget for next year aimed at dealing with the cost of living crisis. Eoghan sat down with sociologist Carlos Delclós to analyse the package of measures that were agreed by the country's progressive coalition and to discuss what it says about Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's party political strategy as we enter a big election year.  
  1. Spain's Budget 2023: A Social Democratic Response to the Cost of Living Crisis?
  2. Summers over! Global Tourism and the Catalan independence movement
  3. Scottish Volunteers and the International Brigades with Fraser Raeburn
  4. Spaniards in the British Army with Sean Scullion
  5. Spain's Democratic Memory Law Finally Approved!

This week Eoghan Gilmartin joins me. As a political journalist based in Madrid, he has been covering the stories as they have unfolded.

Here we talk about the more immediate stories of the day, such as the management of the virus in Madrid and the future for Spanish politics.

Later, we then explore how this situation has come about, and how the quick politicisation of the pandemic has played out on a national level for both the left and right.

Here are some of Eoghan Gilmartin’s articles as mentioned in the podcast:

Madrid’s Covid Class War: An interview with Pedro Gullón Tosio

How the Chairman of Spain’s Real Madrid Football Club Presided Over a Coronavirus Catastrophe in Nursing Homes (Jacobin)

Spain’s New ‘Patriotic’ Trade Union is Part of the Far Right’s Anti-Leftist Strategy (with Tommy Greene for Novara Media)

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