The National Spanish Identity: an Interview with Professor Sandie Holguin

Spain's Budget 2023: A Social Democratic Response to the Cost of Living Crisis? The Sobremesa Podcast

This week Spain's progressive coalition unveiled its budget for next year aimed at dealing with the cost of living crisis. Eoghan sat down with sociologist Carlos Delclós to analyse the package of measures that were agreed by the country's progressive coalition and to discuss what it says about Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's party political strategy as we enter a big election year.  
  1. Spain's Budget 2023: A Social Democratic Response to the Cost of Living Crisis?
  2. Summers over! Global Tourism and the Catalan independence movement
  3. Scottish Volunteers and the International Brigades with Fraser Raeburn
  4. Spaniards in the British Army with Sean Scullion
  5. Spain's Democratic Memory Law Finally Approved!

In this episode I interview cultural and intellectual historian Professor Sandie Holguin, where we talk about the historical construction of the national Spanish identity. She is also the author of Flamenco Nation: The Construction of the Spanish National Identity.

You can get a copy of the book here or on Amazon.

At the beginning of the episode I will give you an update on the national situation as the children return to school, and as the government is getting ready to pass its first economic budget, albeit with a few relationship complications and political party rivalries.

Sobremesa will be changing shape in the coming months with more interviews. I will be covering a wider range of topics whilst keeping the political updates at the start of each episode.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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