Covid, the King and I

Episode 19: A New Image of Spain? with Paul Burge from the When in Spain Podcast The Sobremesa Podcast

CROSSOVER TIME!! The Sobremesa Podcast has teamed up with the When in Spain podcast. Paul Burge has been running his podcast for the last 2 years and covers a whole range of things related to Spain. From pueblos to Hemmingway, it is all in there. Here I interviewed Paul about tourism and the image of Spain, both from the outside and the image of the country that Spaniards have. If you want to hear Paul interview me about the EU covid fund and the future of Spanish politics, head on over to the When in Spain podcast to hear it.
  1. Episode 19: A New Image of Spain? with Paul Burge from the When in Spain Podcast
  2. Left Populism in Spain and the USA with Jorge Tamames
  3. The History of the Housing Crisis and the birth of the PAH movement with Sophie Gonick
  4. Doctor, Doctor give me some news…
  5. An interview with Giles Tremlett: The International Brigades. Fascism, Freedom and the Spanish Civil War

In this week’s episode I discuss Vox’s motion of no confidence (due September?¿?) and how the political landscape surrounding it on both the left and right. With Cuidudanos and the PSOE getting close, how will Podemos feel? Are the coalition government going through a patch of jealousy, or just seeing if there is a better offer?

Coronavirus is heating up over Spain, but will the government’s efforts to ramp up testing and organisation be enough to stop another State of Alarm?

Then there is the previous King. What has he been up to? More like what hasn’t he been up to….

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