Who is Fernando Simón?

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I think someone that hasn’t really been reported much in the English-speaking press, and has become quite the phenomenon in Spain, is Fernando Simon. He is an epidemiologist, and very popular in Spain and actually quite divisive. Many people either love him or they’re completely against him. For those of you that don’t know, he was on television every other day giving updates to Spain during the Coronavirus pandemic. He’s also been instrumental in making the decisions with regards to the pandemic’s management, and he’s been given advice to Pedro Sanchez. His advice has informed the decisions of the government throughout the last couple of months.

The reason that he’s become popular isn’t because he’s tried to become popular, and I think that’s part of the attraction of Fernando Simon. I discuss this further in the podcast.

He’s the director of the Coordination Center for Medical Alerts and Emergencies and has been since 2012. Recently he appeared on the front cover of El Pais weekly Sunday magazine, which is often reserved for fashion models and people like that. That is why I am discussing him this week.

Simon doesn’t speak with any sort of professional training and he’s quite a charismatic guy, but not in the same sense like Pedro Sanchez, but more so that people know that he knows what he’s about. When he speaks, they stop and they listen.

In his interview with El Pais this week, Simon says that the foremost thing that should come out of the pandemic is that the health system needs to regain its capacity to deal with these things.

Also in the podcast I explore Vox’s intention to build a right wing union and the court case haunting Pablo Iglesias.

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