For the Many: Preparing Labour For Power – Book Review

For the Many, Preparing Labour For Power.

Edited by Mike Phipps.

Various contributors.

OR Books 2017, Kindle February 2018

This book is an extension of the well received 2017 election manifesto, For The Many Not The Few. This book expands and leads the way for discussion about how a future Labour government could function.

For the Many: Preparing Labour For Power, is a book with a purpose, and with that purpose it brings some big names with it. Superstar socialists you might say. With a preface from Ken Loach and a foreword by Momentum’s Jon Lansman, Mike Phipps really has brought all the big names out.

The book’s purpose, is to have a specialist or enthusiast discuss how Labour can build upon its popular manifesto from 2017. By having different contributors, the book makes you feel like you are at a conference, with people who want to positively criticise and take forward what the Labour Party has done since Jeremy Corbyn’s election.

The book begins with a strong preface and introduction. This sets the rhythm for the rest of the book, reminding you of how we got to the 2017 manifesto, how it was received by the nation, how the manifesto helped gain many votes, and how it set this Labour era apart from the New Labour era.

The first full chapter is full of energy and optimism that helps gain the reader’s attention when talking about the economy. This was a good start for me, and that helped me understand Labour’s current policies on the economy, and what we could hope to do in the future.

The next two chapters could have had more life, but a lot of it depends upon your interest. Living abroad and being asked about Brexit, as I’m sure you are aware, is becoming tedious. Yet the NHS chapter, which interests me, I found to be informative, albeit a bit heavy on facts.

This is definitely a book for people who have a good understanding of politics or want to be challenged. Yet each chapter is carefully crafted by the contributor, so the rhythm at times can be different.

One of the positives about this book is that you can read it cover to cover, if you are an enthusiast, or you can choose a chapter that interests you. I think this book would be great for starting debates at branch meetings, or ideal if you are the sort of person that likes to be armed with the facts.

Despite the positives and negatives the book accomplishes what it set out to do, which is to broaden the scope of discussion regarding policies and areas in the Labour Party manifesto of 2017. If Labour Party members were to read this book, or even discuss the issues that are raised it, then the whole party would benefit from it.

It’s useful for when you’re talking to fellow party members and your own family members, or if you are one of the many activists currently working towards a Labour government.

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