Fuck Brexit. Save the NHS

Brexit is a fantasy. It is not real, not yet. We had a democratic vote three years ago, and it hasn’t gone smoothly. Guess what else is not going smoothly: our NHS. However it is real and dying. It will perish without some form of agreement with the EU.

In the summer of 2019, we saw our first glimpses of the NHS as part of a trade deal with the US in the event of a no deal brexit. Since May stood down, Boris Johnson has become PM. Trying to force though brexit with an altered version of May’s deal; he was unsuccessful getting his do or die brexit by the 31st October. He never wanted it. What he wanted was an election of the People verses Parliament, with him pretending to be a person. With this we now have a winter election.

The Conservatives have never been for the people. If they wanted to help people, then they would have funded the NHS properly already. They have had 9 years. Who are they kidding? However, this is their motive: to get brexit done at any cost and make money from the privatisation of the NHS. Some voters are so pissed off that they were not listened to the first time that they are willing to vote for Johnson. Brexit really has skewed the waters of politics in the UK. Many of these voters cannot afford private health care, yet they are willing to open up the UK to Trump and U.S drug companies. Are they going to pay for everyone’s healthcare? No, their taxes are, and there will be no financial relief from the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn initially challenged Johnson regarding the NHS at the first leaders’ debate with a redacted document. This document was evidence of U.K./U. S trade meetings. Weeks later, Labour released a full version of the document. It was handed out by NHS doctors at a press conference. Evidence from the meetings, six in total, is said to give U. S companies “full market access” to the U.K. including health care.

Credit: https://www.vindy.com/

This is bad. They will not rename all NHS hospitals after Trump, but it will push up drug prices, lower public health standards and lower food standards in the U.K. We have seen evidence of this all over the world. South America, Africa and the Middle East. Why would we be any different? Because of the special relationship? Because we are white and western? It is more likely to happen as we have a capitalist class here who would sell their own mothers for a profit. This makes it more likely. They can afford private health care. Can you?

A no deal brexit is what the Americans and the vulture capitalist class want. They want to make sure the UK has no aligned standards with the EU. They want it to become fully free. This is not a good thing. Being aligned with the EU ensures that we have standards that American firms find impedes making money. Bloody food standards keeping us from dying.

They want us to break away so they can rise the prices of drugs. At the moment we buy in bulk with the EU and can command lower prices. If we go at it alone, then we will be at the mercy of the drug companies.

According to a study by Harvard University 45,000 deaths a year in the USA are down to lack of insurance. In austerity riddled Britain some cannot even afford a weekly shop, illustrated by the rise of food banks. Can you imagine what will happen if we have to pay for health insurance?

I was speaking to an American friend the other day, we were discussing brexit and the NHS. He commented that British people have trouble comprehending not being able to afford healthcare. It has always been there for most of us. Imagine having to ration medication because you don’t have the money to pay for it. This happens in the States. It doesn’t in most of Europe.

Enter Trump

9 days before the election and Trump was in the U.K for NATO’s 70th birthday party. Last time was bad enough for the Tories and the BBC cannot spin everything, no matter how much Johnson flaps his arms about. We all knew Trump would be wheeled out to deny that the NHS is on the table. Trump, as ever, did not disappoint. He said they wouldn’t accept it if offered “on a silver platter”.

However, minutes later the communication officer for the Conservatives probably started foaming from the mouth at Dominic Rabb. On a radio show he indirectly admitted that the American drug companies could raise the drug prices. Asking in a worried voice “Why would they do that?” the journalist replied, “to make money”.

Credit: BBC

Having worked in the NHS as a nurse for 8 years, I moved to Spain. Since being here I have had many encounters with the health care system as a patient, carer and with the professionals. Spain has a Public Health Service, a very good one, but it also has large parts of it that are mixed public and private.

I have been involved with caring for a relative that had private health care and it was a nightmare. Her healthcare insurance was funded by the public system, as she was a teacher, she got to choose if she wanted private or public healthcare. After the hassle of the private she went back to the public system.

The level of paperwork is off the charts. Finding hospitals that will accept your type of insurance and waiting in hospitals to ensure that you have clearance from your insurance company, these are the realities of private and public health care systems mixed.

The buildings look nice, but that is it. My relative was in the Emergency department with deteriorating eyesight and I had to run, at the doctors request, to the local pharmacy to get eye drops that they never had in the hospital.

Later when having scans we had to make several phone calls to validate the insurance payments for the scan. They would only cover certain things. The jobs of the nurses and doctors was overly complicated by the paperwork. We also had to collect results and ship them between the scanners, GP and specialists as they had no system that matched up. We had to keep returning to the doctor to validate things because he signed the wrong paper! It was a maze of bureaucracy. I really don’t wanna have to do this in the UK for any of my relatives.

Furthermore, their staff have terrible working conditions. Extra long hours, lower pay and the health care is more target driven. Imagine the current poor management of the NHS with even more red tape. We need more bed pans and nurses, not more administrators and cheque books.

The truth is the NHS is a mess. It needs improvement. After 9 years of underfunding and falling staff numbers, it is not a nice place to be treated or work. Some student nurses have even committed suicide. The latest evidence of how bad it has got is with the image of four-year-old Jack Williment-Barr sleeping on the floor in Leeds Emergency Department. He is sleeping under coats whilst waiting for a bed to be treated for pneumonia.

Boris Johnson was being interviewed by ITV when he was challenged about the incident. He refused to look at the photo and took the phone from the reporter, putting the phone in his pocket. To which the reporter, Joe Pike replied “You’ve refused to look at the photo, you’ve taken my phone and put it in your pocket, prime minister. His mother says the NHS is in crisis. What’s your response to that?”

Credit: ITV

No response is needed. This is the moment that defines the whole Conservative party’s approach to the NHS. Pretend it isn’t happening. The NHS is in crisis and they don’t give a fuck. The NHS not working will be the perfect excuse, after a no-deal brexit, to privatise it. First it will be the drug prices and then when everything is in a state of shock. BOOM! The rest of the NHS will follow. Then we will be truly screwed. If you want to save and fix the NHS, then you need to forget about brexit. Let’s have another referendum where we have two viable choices on the table, not a fantasy leave option that will solve all our problems. Brexit has to be managed properly, otherwise our real problems will start and the NHS won’t be there to save us.

Voting for the Conservatives/Brexit Party will allow a hard brexit. This is pulling the plug on the NHS. Voting Liberal Democrats or Green in a Labour/Conservative marginal is not helping. You may not like Corbyn and many say he is not a leader. He is the only one showing leadership against the backdoor, USA financial invasion on our country. That is why you should vote against the Tories.

The only way to save the NHS is with a majority Labour government. They will roll back all privatisation in the NHS. Labour are the only party that can stop Trump and the U.S profiting from our health.

Vote to save the NHS. Fuck Brexit.


An NHS Nurse.

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