Why I don’t support a ‘People’s Vote’.

Immigration and Brexit: the never ending topic

Many say the Brexit vote was about immigration and they are right, but is it about hating people with a foreign accent? No.

For most people it’s not about immigrants. It’s about falling standards and the establishment not listening to them.

It’s about the bosses exploiting immigrants labour to lower living and working standards and wages for all, so they can make more profit.

A bit of class solidarity would go a long way.

Immigrants pay taxes which help fund services. They look after the elderly, clean the hospitals, teach your children, work on the building sites, in the offices and in the factories.

The bosses are lowering the wages not the immigrants. The government is cutting the services funding not the immigrants.

Unite Leader saying on reason why Labour should not support a second referendum

Not a people’s vote. A ‘listen to us we know better than you’ vote

The people’s vote for me is a liberal middle class project that does not address this problem. They have no plan for if they win or lose the vote. Even what the question would be.

However, if someone put forward what would happen after a People’s vote, to counter this, then I would likely support it.

We criticise leave for not having a plan. Now remain don’t have a plan and just want to return to how it was. Which is why people voted for Brexit in the first place. They want change!

The last two years will have been for nothing if Labour give in to the liberals and support a people’s vote now.

But why don’t they have a plan? Because they don’t give a shit. Until they say how they will change things then I cannot support them.

To them it’s a second change for the country to do it right this time. “Obviously they didn’t listen us the first time” the liberals think. They obviously have their heads up their own arse.

Make them work for it and prove it; don’t just give in.

So far, it’s not a People’s vote it’s a liberals vote.

And if they lose? We all lose

If there is another referendum people will vote leave in droves as they will feel they haven’t been listened to despite voting once already.

What is the plan if this happens? No deal Brexit? Only radical and overly optimistic people want this. Most would settle for a ‘Norway’ or soft style Brexit. Which Labour plans to deliver.

Personally I think the EU is not reformable, but the UK is. Even with a soft Brexit.

Damage control Brexit, increased workers rights and less exploitation of immigrants.

This is why I support a General Election and a Labour government.

One response to “Why I don’t support a ‘People’s Vote’.”

  1. Whether we end up with a second referendum is still up in the air, but you are right to point out that there are dangers to our society in doing so no matter what the result. New Labour missed what was going on among a large part of Labour’s core vote. The feeling was that using triangulation we would get elected as that part of the core vote had nowhere else to go. Gordon Brown missed it in the Mrs. Duffy moment. This was a Labour supporter talking about local building workers being undercut on wages by EU immigrant workers. His instant reaction was that she was a bigoted woman. Of course it was understandable in a way. Gordon had lived a rather privileged life so had no real connection with what people like Mrs. Duffy was feeling.


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